Maldives, Male


We took our flight to Male on a friday evening and safely arrived late night it is a small airport without no wifi but the view is so amazing from the airport, Pre-book your hotels and hold the confirmations if your traveling on arrival

we decided to take our first stay in Fuana Inn, Hulhumale Island which is really close by to the airport and a easy pick for a late night stay

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What I really loved about Hulhumale is the people around they are really friendly and helpful in sightseeing, Since I have a hard time with my work this is a perfect escape for me


Maafushi Island

Taking a ferry from Male city will cost around 15 rufiyaa and it will take around 02hours to reach Maafushi, An island with a small football ground where all locals get together for matches every night it’s one of the islands with less people living

We took our lodging in Maaafushi Inn such a beautiful hotel with some really nice staff most of them are multi nationals and served us well and made us to feel special, This place provides different activity packages such as diving,snorkeling,fishing in the moonlight etc




coconut is a major part in all food items Mas Huni will be served in most of the hotels which made by tuna,crushed coconut,lime juice,and onion chopped well mixed with bread or arabic bread

Naasi Goreng is a Malaysian cuisine but adopted by maldivians with there own taste using papadam (papad or papar) by far my most favorite restaurant is Rehendhi Inn with some amazing foods with well rounded menu






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