Arabic Sweets

If you have sweet tooth this post is dedicated to you

I personally love sweets even if iam out,after a stressful day, even though i just go for party I make it a point to have something sweet


01. Kunafa

My mouth watering even if I heard this name not a heavy sweet food but the layers, almonds and the taste is heavenly. It’s bit similar to ‘Cheese Danish’ with a sticky soft paneer layer topped  with  semolina pastry and soaked with rose water syrup




02. Mahalabia

A light middle eastern sweet I personally prefer as a dessert after lunch. It’s just like ‘Blancmange’ made of boiled milk and slightly sweetened rose and orange water




03. Halawa (Halva)

Since before I move to Qatar arabic halawa stole my heart just like love in first sight. Taste of this is heavenly made this sweet is famous in all around the globe and well known gift for asian’s  from who ever perform Hajj or Umrah


Sandy Austin flickr ccl


04. Baklava

As per the informations I received from my colleagues this dish is developed in Ottoman Empire (1299 year) age, It’s made with several layers filled with chopped nuts and sweet syrup




05. Fakhfakhina

‘Mother of all fruit salads’ glorius drink included honey with peanuts, mango juice, strawberry juice, banana juice, kiwi juice, pineapple and strawberry pieces and two scoops of vanilla ice cream




06. Sweet Dates

Consuming dates is a sunnah to the ‘Prophet Mohamed’, juicy and very sweet fruit filled with almonds, goat mik, pistachio, or covered with chocolate can found anywhere in the street markets known as Souq


chocolate dates i varites A


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