Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Simply called Rio, is the sixth largest city in America with a population of  6.5 million people, this UNESCO heritage landscape is famous for samba and worlds most attractive carnival which runs for 5 days continously in February every year

Rio is well known for Axe music, maracatu and samba reggae music which automatically makes each and every person to shake the booty and feel the rhythm from there souls

when to visit Rio

Rio is very temperate all year,November to February weather typically hot and subtropical and March to May it will be Winter where little showers might fall but as per Solo Travel Diaries best days to visit the beach and many more attraction of the city.


Places to visit in Rio


01. Escadaria Seleron


These beautiful steps situated in the neighborhood of Lapa which got famous through lots of famous magazines, travel videos, Coco Cola advertisement and the ‘Beautiful’ song by Snoop Dogg

from Copacabana you can take a bus ride to Lapa which cost you 3.50 brazil reais (1 $) or taxi ride, but please make sure you are taking a yellow taxi with a meter and no black taxi’s from the area. Lapa is a downtown area where you have to look after your belongings  with a third eye but believe me if you have survived in europe then its not a big deal. use the tourist information counter for more details since its hard to find a english speaker and you might lose your track



02. Arco de Lapa

few meters away from Escadaria seleron you will find this beautiful monument in Lapa well known as Carioca Aqueduct. which 42 roman style arches in the neighborhood of Santa Teresa and Lapa




03. Metropolitan Cathedral


the church is dedicated to Saint Sebastian, the patron saint of  Rio. Cathedral is located right next to Arco de lapa just a 5 minutes walk and you will see this Mayan architecural style pyramid




04. Santa Teresa Bonde

santa teresa bonde is a historical tram line which connects most of the inner neighborhood areas, bonde was out of service for almost 1 year since there was a major accident but it’s back to give free rides for tourist around the world

a small walk from Escadaria Selaron you will find the train station where bonde takes it ride every 60 minutes



05. Sugar Loaf Mountain

from the Santa teresa final bonde station take a 10 minutes walk to the city Gloria which will lead back to the main city. once again take a taxi to the Sugar loaf mountain cable car entrance which cost you around 25 brazil reais (7 $) for the taxi.


entance to the mountain will cost you 68 brazil reais (19 $). from a beautiful cable car and english audio guide departs for the first mountain and and leaves to second mountain every 20 minutes. the height of climb is 770ft (220 meters) and it takes only 3 minutes of time. bubble shaped car offers a 360 degrees panoramic  view to the beach and the harbour.

Dont forget to write your name and take a picture in the SWISS sponsor autograph DIY wall



06. Christ Redeemer

well knows as Christo Redentor in brazil is one of the world’s wonder. In a height of 38 meters tall statue of Jesus Christ spreading love to the whole city of Rio

Take a train ride to the redeemer which departs every 60 minutes from the station and Solo Travel Diaries confirms it’s the best way to see the nature and the beauty of the christ.Old school style red colour train will run through a thick forest climbing high providing a spectaculor view for each passenger



seeing the christ is not that easy than we thought since we got few hard steps to climb up but reaching up their looking to his eyes makes each & every person to fall in love with the creation.



07. Paragliding

If you are seeking for some adventure we bet this is the best thing to do in Rio. from Sao Conrado mountain flight takes off and land in the beautiful beach around, providing a spectaculor view and the experience is heart pumping and tremendous.



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Solo Travel Diaries we reccomend highly qualified trainor & glider Mr.Rodrigo Mangabeira to fullfill our flying dreams

Website –

Instagram – Best_Fly_Rio

FacebookRodrigo Mangabeira


08. Copacabana & Ipanema beach

Best time to visit the beach in a sunny day where you will find all the people in Rio starts surfing playing,volleyball around,drinking caiprinha  dancing for the beats of samba it’s one hell of a experience to be here

if this your first time to rio dont forget to grab some souvenir’s from the evening fair in the streets of copacabana starts everyday 6pm to 12am.


Solo Travel Diaries reccomend you to stay in Aproador Guest House in Copacabana which is walking distance away from the main street and the beach. And for the  perfect guiding from Miss.Sabrina Aguiar




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