03 Days in Georgia

Day 01

we reached georgia around 1830 hours from Doha after a 4 hours flight. and I have pre booked my hotel through Agoda.com and requested the airport transfer from them, so as they promised Mr.Jemali Kobiashvili was outside ready to drive me to the hotel in Mtskheta


Jvary Monastery

this beautiful orthodox church situated 5 minutes away from the main city Tbilisi. and when we arrived here 2115hours and its a very late sunset due to summer season which was a new experience for me.

this monument was named as one of the worlds heritage site by UNESCO



Almost after 20 minutes of drive we reached our hotel which is located in the heart of Mtskheta, one of the worlds heritage old cities still alive by the ancient look,it was a pleasent view at night where all people dance for goergian music, drinking beer with a warm welcoming smile on there faces


Day 02

Dont be lazy wake up early morning go to see the sunrise walk around this small town where its picture perfect at this time (0700hrs) since not all the people are awake in the village, spend some nice time grab some grape fruits from the trees around get a cup of wine I should say best way to enjoy your vacation.


After a delicious heavy goergian breakfast made by Miss.Sofia who is the reception in the guest house we decided to hit the road for more adventure.


07 Things to do


01.Ananuri Castle

This is castle is next to Aragvi river which always reminds me of the Robin Hood story.

All three seasons were captured by my self
Castle entrance has 2 churches, the older church is Church of the Virgin dates from the 17th century and the larger one next to it is Church of Assumption this church was carved by georgian scripts on the south facade, and the church also contained frescoes which was damaged due to a fire in 18th century.

All Rights Reserved by Mushtaq Saleem

02. Chateau Mukhrani

Finest wine in georgia made by here one of the best places to visit. have a walk in the wine yard grab some red grapes, testing wine is the best part here where you get free different tastes of wine and Halleluja ! enjoy the vacation in style.

You can take horseback riding here for a cheap price and they got the premier horses around the world

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03. Russia – Georgia Friendship Monument

to celebrate the frienship between georgia and soviet russia this monument was build in 1983.this was located in the mountains of Gudauri in the military highway


04. Gargeti Trinity Church

well known as Holy Trinity church located in village of Gargeti. It sits top of a mountain near Kazbegi one of the highest and most beautiful peaks in Caucasus.It was built in 14th century and was a safe keeper for the relics of Mtskheta during the persian invasion in 18th century

It takes 2 hours trek  or 30 minutes taxi drive up a rough bumpy ride.



05. Kazbegi Mountains

It is the third highest mountain in Georgia and the seventh highest peak in Caucasus mountains.



06. Russian Border

Soon after the war between russia and georgia they built a border between them after giving independent to the georgian nationals. This road was covered with lots of high peek mountains and orthodox churches.


And surprise


07. Paragliding

Theres no other good way to feel the breathtaking landscapes of this country without doing paragliding. yes ! it is bit scarey but one hell of a experience to do, We found our certified paragliding pilot Mr.Yaroslav Sokolov who is keen about the safety and customer satisfaction.


Solo Travel Diaries reccomend this highly qualified glider Mr.Yaroslov to full fill our flying dreams


Contact – +995574474115 / +995557644554


Day 03

After a wondeful time in Mtskheta we decided to travel to Tbilisi before we take our flight back to Doha. Read more https://solotraveldiariesblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/02/republic-of-georgia

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Solo Travel Diaries we reccomend our super friendly guest house owner and the guide Mr. Jemali Kobiashvili to guide you through the custom made travel packages and the Hotel Tamirindi Guest house to stay in Mtskheta

I take this opportunity thank Miss.Sofia and Miss.Nina Labauri for guiding our trip with english trasnlations and helping us to see the hidden beauty of this country.



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