Kuala Lumpur

As we see this name most of us think only about shopping, but today I’m trying to show around some beautiful places you should visit while on your stay in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is a country you will find all kind of races and nationals lives in harmony and think only about their development and enjoy it.

Arriving to Kuala Lumpur

After collecting our bags the only question I had is how am I going to reach the city ? since I felt airport pickup is really expensive which was provided by the hotel. So we decided to check around in the premises for the cheapest transportation cos I dont wanna break my bank as I arrived.

  • KLIA Ekspres – fastest way to get into the airport in a luxury bullet train which reach the city with-in just 28 minutes. It cost RM55 per person in a one way trip and RM100 per person return ticket. not ideal for a family going for a vacation
  • Taxi or Limousine services – If you planning to get into the city in a fancy way this might suit you well, It takes around 25-30 minutes with no traffic to reach the city and it will cost around RM54.96 for the ride. If you are a group or bunch of friends traveling together taxi might help you since you share the price.
  • Bus –  there’s two bus services one is Airport Coaches which cost you the same price of a taxi ride to the city, But if you take the normal bus transportation from the KLIA airport it will cost you RM10 per person. It’s cheap and safe to travel. Takes minimum 60 – 80 minutes to reach the city.




Things to do in Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Tower


Most of us travel to KL only to snap a great pic of this great twin towers but believe me there’s alot to amaze us in KL, We took a metro to KLCC station which way faster than a taxi ride I’d say.

The first impression on the twin towers is just ‘WOOW’ the architecture and all is pretty amazing, so when ever you want to take a good snap dont let the vendors outside to do it for you since they request cash from you and no point buying fish eye lenses from them since you can take pretty good pictures just  by walking to the main road and stand in front of the entrance,

 don’t forget to visit the shopping malls inside the tower but believe me you can’t finish everything with in a day


KL Tower

One of the highest towers in asia but hidden out from the city and most people tend not to visit this place.You have to grab the tickets outside for the 360 degree spinning restaurent and two decks available in two floors for a Eagle Eye view.This is something I wont mind spending my cash to have a perfect picture of the city


China street & Petaling street


If you knew about shopping in Bangkok streets this is one of the best places to grab the eye catching items for a cheap price. well they tend to sell for huge amount if they realize you are a tourist so make sure to ask for ‘DISCOUNTS’

I love experiencing different street foods from each country that I travel and inside KL these streets are the best for exotic and some mouth watering delicious foods which you have to grab before you exit KL.


Batu Caves

As usual we found a cheap way to visit Batu caves and that is the metro which take approx around 45 minutes to reach the caves from KL city, Batu caves is some spooky caves which is the home for more rare species and its so beutiful to visit. If you are a enthusiast of nature this is reachable by a cardiac stress test of 272 steps



Solo Travel Diaries we reccomend Citin Seacare Pudu Hotel for the wonderful stay in Kuala Lumpur city.



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