Langkawi Island

Langkawi is a tropical island known as ‘Langkawi,The Jewel of Kedah’ (Langkawi Permata Kedah) which is 01 hour away from Kuala Lumpur city by air. This tropical paradise is a combination of small 99 islands and it has been duty free since 1987 and pulling in tourist in huge numbers.

According to one interpretation Langkawi means the island of reddish-brown eagle which is a symbol you will find as you enter this beautiful island.


Things to do in Langkawi 

01.Sky Cab Langkawi

sky cab gives you more than one unique experience hovering over the jungle and climbing over 550 million old rock. It is scarey and in the same time it’s super exciting but not for the faint hearted though.

Langkawi hills cable car, Malaysia

Skycab gives you a 360 panorama view of the thick green forest and the sea line. It stretched up to 1700 meters from the main base and it will only take 05 to 07 minutes approximately to reach the cliff of the mountain.

02. Sky Bridge Langkawi

Bridge was completed in 2004 and awarded as the ‘Worlds Most Spectacular Pedestrian Bridge’ by 2013 traveler’s choice. The structure rank among the worlds largest curve suspension bridge and all parts were carried using a helicopter to assemble on top which I find as freaking Awesome !!.

Suspension bridge, Langkawi

Best time to visit here by  bit morning and not by afternoon since it will get little over crowded by that time, evening would be totally perfect to spend some time with the loved ones and catch the beautiful sunset over the andaman sea.

03. Crocodile Adventure Land

Adventure land is 10 minutes driving distance away from the skycab car park and it has several kinds of crocs around. Everything was well presented and laid out within a fairly compact area and not too much walking to do.You can take a quick snap with a 02 year old baby crocodile and make sure you dont harm any wild animals.


You can feed all cages using crocodile pallets for RM 05 and crocodile feeding show is one of the best things you should never miss at this place.

04. Island Hopping

This probably the most popular thing to do in this beautiful island starting from 09am every day and because of high demand only tour guides use to provide services. you can find a tour guide near the brown eagle landmark near the harbour or from the hotel you stay.

boat departs with a group of 08 to 10 people and head to an island where all tourist can do plenty of activites including swimming with a scenic view,snorkeling or lounging and sunbathing.

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05. Eagle Feeding

It is a part of the island hopping tour but I believe its the most amazing experience of the day and added a one more life experience. Boat owner adds chicken parts and skin to the water and from instant seconds all the majestic eagle’s will start flying over you arrange your cameras for some outstanding picture’s and dont miss the chance.


06. Pulau Dayang Bunting (Lake of Pregnant Woman)

The lake was formed when a large underwater cave collapsed many years back, and the name was given as the Lake of Pregnant Woman since the little mountain covered with the dense forest take a shape of a pregnant lady.


This fresh water lake allows tourist to do more fun activities such as swimming,kayaking and paddle boat riding

Dad be like no more kayaking for the day

07. Underwater World Langkawi

Spread across nearly 06 acres and one of the best never missed location in langkawi. The comples is divided into three sections : Tropical Rainforest, Temperature and Sub Antartic from them all my favourite will be the sub antartic where all the little penguins live and people gather around to snap a good picture



Solo Travel Diaries we reccomend you to stay Citin Langkawi Hotel for the wonderful stay in Langkawi and our dearest travel guide Asyraf for tours.

Travel Guide – Muhammad Asyraf

Mobile – +60 125965060

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