Warsaw, Poland

Poland is rich with best architectural monuments around the country, Warsaw was once named as the Paris Of The East since it was one of the beautiful cities in europe until World War II where the German’s Invade in 1939.City’s old town was heavily damaged during the war and restored later with Market square and with open cafe’s.

Getting to the City

From Warsaw Chopin Airport it was bit easy to travel to the heart of city with few guidance from the airport staff, We took the metro which is 15 minutes travel time and it’s super convenient.



Top 05 things to do in Warsaw

01. Old Town Square

For those with an eye for history this place gonna be the cherry on your cake, The loveliest square in Warsaw and I decided to put it as my number 01 pick.

It’s lined with tall houses exhibiting a fine blend of Renaissance,Goth and Neoclassical elements.


02. Royal Castle

It’s located in the Castle Square at the entrance of the Old Town and named as one of the UNESCO heritage historical monument. Castle is currently serving as a museum visited by over 50,000 people every year.


03. Palace of Culture & Science

This huge building is known as ‘Gift of Friendhsip’ from soviet union built in 1950’s. It’s home to a huge congress hall, theatres, a multiscreen cinema and a museum.every person who visits warsaw should visit this place and get a eagle eye view from top of the viewing deck.

04. Jewish Cemetry

Located in warsaw’s Okopowa street and its the europe’s largest jewish cemetry.The cemetry contains 250,000 marked graves and I believe I dont have to mention anything about the black era we had unfortunately. please do visit this place but make sure you respect the dead living.

Picture from Hecktictravels.com

05. Tomb of Unkown Soldiers

This monument was dedicated to all unknown soldiers who have given their lives for Poland.This is located in Pilsudski Square and known as most important momument for all polish nationals. Worth a visit though


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