Road Trip In a Tropical Island

When it comes to a tropical island my number one choice is all about home home and home and that is beautiful Sri Lanka.we decided to take a road trip from almost for last 06 months with 06 different nationalities since I want em to see my country and understand WHAT I AM..WHAT WE ARE

So for a quick brief to all beautiful souls out there Sri Lanka is a Tropical Island as I mentioned and its 32KM away from India and this beautiful island is known as the Pearl of Indian Ocean. Island is well known for Tea production but we are best in exporting clothes,rubber and sending people out as expats (shame !!), best time to visit in Sri Lanka 365 days of the year and you can experience 03 different weather circles within few hours of drive.



Day 01

We started our journey from Mount Lavinia 0500 hrs since its less traffic at that time cos colombo is bit hectic to drive around on a working day.we took the Colombo – Kandy road and our first stop is in Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage we took a turn from Rambukkana road to pinnawala.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage


This elephant orphanage is the number one pick for most of the tourist’s visiting Sri lanka.Everyone is allowed to enter the feeding section where baby elephants will be fed milk and all visitors can feed fruits to young elephants with a small amount of Rs.250 for a fruit basket.We were excited to walk towards the elephants bathing area and it was a great experience to all of us sipping a chai (tea) relaxing and looking at these giants and taking pictures.

Elephant Rides were introduced mid of 2015 and this place will be the only place where elephants were not forced to tourism and not harmed in any circumstances.

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we continued from there back to Kandy road for our second stop for the day and its the most important one ‘the last kingdom of Sri Lanka’.

Temple of Tooth Relic

Kandy’s proud monument and the last kingdom of Sri lanka which was later turned to be the resting place of Budhdha’s relic. This proud royal palace is surrounded by a ring of mountain ranges and lanka’s biggest river Mahaveli.


Entrance fee will be bit expensive for foreigners starting from Rs.1000 but worth to visit once.Everyone can visit the palace,tooth relic resting area,museum and the temple around but please be kind enough to respect the rules and regulations and not to take pictures with flash.

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Mackwood Tea Estate

01 hour drive from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya via Gampola road you will easily find this beautiful tea estate located with a magnificent view.


The one and only tea estate from world exports number one tea product’s to Buckingham Palace (UK).We can find different types and flavour tea over here and if can visit before 1600 hrs so you can take a tour around the process of making tea.Dont forget to taste tea from their personal tea shop outside with a fantabulous breathtaking view.

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Our stop for today is Nuwara Eliya town and Solo Travel Diaries we reccomend you to stay in La Grande Hotel located closer to lake and with WIFI.


Day 02

After having our breakfast from the hotel we straight away reached out to the lake for a splendid view and for some fresh air.

Gregory Lake

Lake is a reservoir of the tea country hill and was build in the period of British Governer Sir William Gregory in 1873.


Currently the lake serves for adventure hearts with all water sports and paddle boats for families to spend some nice time.

We continued our journey from Nuwara Eliya road to Ella via Bandarawela road which was 02 hours driving time and convenient.


This beautiful location was found recently and town is still developing from rest of the other places we have traveled before but to be honest the small town was well managed and occupied by the residents.


I was pretty amazed to hear about Rama Seetha stories about this place and would love to hunt all places in Sri Lanka one day.

In Ella you have 03 beautiful places to visit which is Ella Rock with a 03 – 04 hours trekking you will reach to this beautiful place with a breathtaking view or you can go to Little Adams Peak which is 30 minutes hiking on a man made steps to a similar view and the last and the least 09 Arches Bridge which was carved by pure stone to connect a train railway line.

Since we had half of the day left decided to travel down south on wellawaya road Rathnapura – agalawatta – aluthgama to the down south highway which literally took us 05 hours

Solo Travel Diaries reccomend for you to stay in Heaven Seven Hikkaduwa for wonderful stay with a beach view.


Day 03

we stayed over night in Hikkaduwa and managed to walk around to the beach it was the dry season so if you dont wanted to get burnt please bring your sun lotions.

Galle Fort

Just a 01 hour drive from Hikka you will reach to this ancient fort built by Portuguese in 1588 then later on taken over by Dutch during 1649.

Currently fort was a main attraction point for tourist’s and serves with a shopping complex,gem shops,souvenir shops,clothing and cafe’s. Main attractions will be the light house,fort,prison and the Galle cricket stadium right infront of the fort entrance.

Mount Lavinia

With a 02 hour drive from Galle Road this will be our last and final stop in our short content road trip. Mount Lavinia is one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka and has long been hot spot for tourism and night life.

This would be the easiest location to travel Sri Lanka in such short period of time and covering most of the best tourist attractions. Solo Travel Diaries would love to hear your opinion.

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Warsaw, Poland

Poland is rich with best architectural monuments around the country, Warsaw was once named as the Paris Of The East since it was one of the beautiful cities in europe until World War II where the German’s Invade in 1939.City’s old town was heavily damaged during the war and restored later with Market square and with open cafe’s.

Getting to the City

From Warsaw Chopin Airport it was bit easy to travel to the heart of city with few guidance from the airport staff, We took the metro which is 15 minutes travel time and it’s super convenient.



Top 05 things to do in Warsaw

01. Old Town Square

For those with an eye for history this place gonna be the cherry on your cake, The loveliest square in Warsaw and I decided to put it as my number 01 pick.

It’s lined with tall houses exhibiting a fine blend of Renaissance,Goth and Neoclassical elements.


02. Royal Castle

It’s located in the Castle Square at the entrance of the Old Town and named as one of the UNESCO heritage historical monument. Castle is currently serving as a museum visited by over 50,000 people every year.


03. Palace of Culture & Science

This huge building is known as ‘Gift of Friendhsip’ from soviet union built in 1950’s. It’s home to a huge congress hall, theatres, a multiscreen cinema and a museum.every person who visits warsaw should visit this place and get a eagle eye view from top of the viewing deck.

04. Jewish Cemetry

Located in warsaw’s Okopowa street and its the europe’s largest jewish cemetry.The cemetry contains 250,000 marked graves and I believe I dont have to mention anything about the black era we had unfortunately. please do visit this place but make sure you respect the dead living.

Picture from

05. Tomb of Unkown Soldiers

This monument was dedicated to all unknown soldiers who have given their lives for Poland.This is located in Pilsudski Square and known as most important momument for all polish nationals. Worth a visit though


Solo Travel Diaries we reccomend you to stay in Warsaw Hostel Centrum which is very close to all transportation and to the bars and cafe’s.

Travel without breaking the bank dear Solo Travelers ūüôā

watch our Vlog here

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Langkawi Island

Langkawi is a tropical island known as ‘Langkawi,The Jewel of Kedah’ (Langkawi Permata Kedah) which is 01 hour away from Kuala Lumpur city by air. This tropical paradise is a combination of small 99 islands and it has been duty free since 1987 and pulling in tourist in huge numbers.

According to one interpretation Langkawi means the island of reddish-brown eagle which is a symbol you will find as you enter this beautiful island.


Things to do in Langkawi 

01.Sky Cab Langkawi

sky cab gives you more than one unique experience hovering over the jungle and climbing over 550 million old rock. It is scarey and in the same time it’s super exciting but not for the faint hearted though.

Langkawi hills cable car, Malaysia

Skycab gives you a 360 panorama view of the thick green forest and the sea line. It stretched up to 1700 meters from the main base and it will only take 05 to 07 minutes approximately to reach the cliff of the mountain.

02. Sky Bridge Langkawi

Bridge was completed in 2004 and awarded as the ‘Worlds Most Spectacular Pedestrian Bridge’ by 2013 traveler’s choice. The structure rank among the worlds largest curve suspension bridge and all parts were carried using a helicopter to assemble on top which I find as freaking Awesome !!.

Suspension bridge, Langkawi

Best time to visit here by  bit morning and not by afternoon since it will get little over crowded by that time, evening would be totally perfect to spend some time with the loved ones and catch the beautiful sunset over the andaman sea.

03. Crocodile Adventure Land

Adventure land is 10 minutes driving distance away from the skycab car park and it has several kinds of crocs around. Everything was well presented and laid out within a fairly compact area and not too much walking to do.You can take a quick snap with a 02 year old baby crocodile and make sure you dont harm any wild animals.


You can feed all cages using crocodile pallets for RM 05 and crocodile feeding show is one of the best things you should never miss at this place.

04. Island Hopping

This probably the most popular thing to do in this beautiful island starting from 09am every day and because of high demand only tour guides use to provide services. you can find a tour guide near the brown eagle landmark near the harbour or from the hotel you stay.

boat departs with a group of 08 to 10 people and head to an island where all tourist can do plenty of activites including swimming with a scenic view,snorkeling or lounging and sunbathing.

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05. Eagle Feeding

It is a part of the island hopping tour but I believe its the most amazing experience of the day and added a one more life experience. Boat owner adds chicken parts and skin to the water and from instant seconds all the majestic eagle’s will start flying over you arrange your cameras for some outstanding picture’s and dont miss the chance.


06. Pulau Dayang Bunting (Lake of Pregnant Woman)

The lake was formed when a large underwater cave collapsed many years back, and the name was given as the Lake of Pregnant Woman since the little mountain covered with the dense forest take a shape of a pregnant lady.


This fresh water lake allows tourist to do more fun activities such as swimming,kayaking and paddle boat riding

Dad be like no more kayaking for the day

07. Underwater World Langkawi

Spread across nearly 06 acres and one of the best never missed location in langkawi. The comples is divided into three sections : Tropical Rainforest, Temperature and Sub Antartic from them all my favourite will be the sub antartic where all the little penguins live and people gather around to snap a good picture



Solo Travel Diaries we reccomend you to stay Citin Langkawi Hotel for the wonderful stay in Langkawi and our dearest travel guide Asyraf for tours.

Travel Guide – Muhammad Asyraf

Mobile – +60 125965060

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Kuala Lumpur

As we see this name most of us think only about shopping, but today I’m trying to show around some beautiful places you should visit while on your stay in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is a country you will find all kind of races and nationals lives in harmony and think only about their development and enjoy it.

Arriving to Kuala Lumpur

After collecting our bags the only question I had is how am I going to reach the city ? since I felt airport pickup is really expensive which was provided by the hotel. So we decided to check around in the premises for the cheapest transportation cos I dont wanna break my bank as I arrived.

  • KLIA Ekspres – fastest way to get into the airport in a luxury bullet train which reach the city with-in just 28 minutes. It cost RM55 per person in a one way trip and RM100 per person return ticket. not ideal for a family going for a vacation
  • Taxi or Limousine services – If you planning to get into the city in a fancy way this might suit you well, It takes around 25-30 minutes with no traffic to reach the city and it will cost around RM54.96 for the ride. If you are a group or bunch of friends traveling together taxi might help you since you share the price.
  • Bus –  there’s two bus services one is Airport Coaches which cost you the same price of a taxi ride to the city, But if you take the normal bus transportation from the KLIA airport it will cost you RM10 per person. It’s cheap and safe to travel. Takes minimum 60 – 80 minutes to reach the city.




Things to do in Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Tower


Most of us travel to KL only to snap a great pic of this great twin towers but believe me there’s alot to amaze us in KL, We took a metro to KLCC station which way faster than a taxi ride I’d say.

The first impression on the twin towers is just ‘WOOW’ the architecture and all is pretty amazing, so when ever you want to take a good snap dont let the vendors outside to do it for you since they request cash from you and no point buying fish eye lenses from them since you can take pretty good pictures just  by walking to the main road and stand in front of the entrance,

 don’t forget to visit the shopping malls inside the tower but believe me you can’t finish everything with in a day


KL Tower

One of the highest towers in asia but hidden out from the city and most people tend not to visit this place.You have to grab the tickets outside for the 360 degree spinning restaurent and two decks available in two floors for a Eagle Eye view.This is something I wont mind spending my cash to have a perfect picture of the city


China street & Petaling street


If you knew about shopping in Bangkok streets this is one of the best places to grab the eye catching items for a cheap price. well they tend to sell for huge amount if they realize you are a tourist so make sure to ask for ‘DISCOUNTS’

I love experiencing different street foods from each country that I travel and inside KL these streets are the best for exotic and some mouth watering delicious foods which you have to grab before you exit KL.


Batu Caves

As usual we found a cheap way to visit Batu caves and that is the metro which take approx around 45 minutes to reach the caves from KL city, Batu caves is some spooky caves which is the home for more rare species and its so beutiful to visit. If you are a enthusiast of nature this is reachable by a cardiac stress test of 272 steps



Solo Travel Diaries we reccomend Citin Seacare Pudu Hotel for the wonderful stay in Kuala Lumpur city.


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03 Days in Georgia

Day 01

we reached georgia around 1830 hours from Doha after a 4 hours flight. and I have pre booked my hotel through and requested the airport transfer from them, so as they promised Mr.Jemali Kobiashvili was outside ready to drive me to the hotel in Mtskheta


Jvary Monastery

this beautiful orthodox church situated 5 minutes away from the main city Tbilisi. and when we arrived here 2115hours and its a very late sunset due to summer season which was a new experience for me.

this monument was named as one of the worlds heritage site by UNESCO



Almost after 20 minutes of drive we reached our hotel which is located in the heart of Mtskheta, one of the worlds heritage old cities still alive by the ancient look,it was a pleasent view at night where all people dance for goergian music, drinking beer with a warm welcoming smile on there faces


Day 02

Dont be lazy wake up early morning go to see the sunrise walk around this small town where its picture perfect at this time (0700hrs) since not all the people are awake in the village, spend some nice time grab some grape fruits from the trees around get a cup of wine I should say best way to enjoy your vacation.


After a delicious heavy goergian breakfast made by Miss.Sofia who is the reception in the guest house we decided to hit the road for more adventure.


07 Things to do


01.Ananuri Castle

This is castle is next to Aragvi river which always reminds me of the Robin Hood story.

All three seasons were captured by my self
Castle entrance has 2 churches, the older church is Church of the Virgin dates from the 17th century and the larger one next to it is Church of Assumption this church was carved by georgian scripts on the south facade, and the church also contained frescoes which was damaged due to a fire in 18th century.

All Rights Reserved by Mushtaq Saleem

02. Chateau Mukhrani

Finest wine in georgia made by here one of the best places to visit. have a walk in the wine yard grab some red grapes, testing wine is the best part here where you get free different tastes of wine and Halleluja ! enjoy the vacation in style.

You can take horseback riding here for a cheap price and they got the premier horses around the world

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03. Russia – Georgia Friendship Monument

to celebrate the frienship between georgia and soviet russia this monument was build in 1983.this was located in the mountains of Gudauri in the military highway


04. Gargeti Trinity Church

well known as Holy Trinity church located in village of Gargeti. It sits top of a mountain near Kazbegi one of the highest and most beautiful peaks in Caucasus.It was built in 14th century and was a safe keeper for the relics of Mtskheta during the persian invasion in 18th century

It takes 2 hours trek  or 30 minutes taxi drive up a rough bumpy ride.



05. Kazbegi Mountains

It is the third highest mountain in Georgia and the seventh highest peak in Caucasus mountains.



06. Russian Border

Soon after the war between russia and georgia they built a border between them after giving independent to the georgian nationals. This road was covered with lots of high peek mountains and orthodox churches.


And surprise


07. Paragliding

Theres no other good way to feel the breathtaking landscapes of this country without doing paragliding. yes ! it is bit scarey but one hell of a experience to do, We found our certified paragliding pilot Mr.Yaroslav Sokolov who is keen about the safety and customer satisfaction.


Solo Travel Diaries reccomend this highly qualified glider Mr.Yaroslov to full fill our flying dreams


Contact – +995574474115 / +995557644554


Day 03

After a wondeful time in Mtskheta we decided to travel to Tbilisi before we take our flight back to Doha. Read more

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Solo Travel Diaries we reccomend our super friendly guest house owner and the guide Mr. Jemali Kobiashvili to guide you through the custom made travel packages and the Hotel Tamirindi Guest house to stay in Mtskheta

I take this opportunity thank Miss.Sofia and Miss.Nina Labauri for guiding our trip with english trasnlations and helping us to see the hidden beauty of this country.


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Republic of Georgia

I just can’t believe that Iam writing this post about this beautiful small country in the caucasus region, Georgia is a former Soviet Republic country which always mistakenly classified as a MIddle Eastern country.¬†But in fact it is located where the extreme eastern part of Europe meets western Asia, the area many call Eurasia. It is one of the three sovereign countries in the Caucasus region, the other two being Armenia and Azerbaijan.


The capital is Tbilis where only 20% of people live and Georgia has a population of 4.47 million people.Official language here is Georgian but you will find lots of russian speakers as well. This country is well known for delicious wine and as a ancient wine growing nation.


How to get to Tbilis

Since its becoming a quite popular destination to travel with a budget here are some tips how to reach the capital.

Taxi – It’s bit hard to find a licensed english speaking taxi driver outside the airport with a so called crowd in the arrivals. Taxi’s in Tbilis never use meter function so you might end up paying alot if you dont have your hotel transfer requested ¬†before you reach here, normal taxi fare would be 20 Gels ( 09 usd) and it takes 20 minutes drive from the airport

Buses – it’s not the best idea if your traveling alone with lots of bags but if you are a backpacker this will be a easy suitable way of traveling to the town, use Route 37 yellow mini buses outside the airport which cost you 0.50Gel (0.23 usd) one way ticket.



An old city with lots of history right behind has all the architectural building made by persian and russians in there ruling days.the town is filled with orthodox churches, cobblestone roads and yes ! with lots of beautiful women walking around.

picture credits – Louisa Bondoc


Things to do in Tbilisi


Old Tbilisi

located near Kura river and next to mount mtastminda, well known for the ancient history and you can go here to get some georgian ancient taste. city was re build more than 29 times but still one of the best tourist attractions at the place.


Narikala Fortress

An ancient symbol of Tbilisi’s defence overlooking from the city. It was construct by the Persian citadel in the 4th century. It was once ruled by the Arabs in 07th and 08th centuries and Emir’s palace was made within the walls of this fortress.

you have to take a cable car to reach the fortress with a beautiful view from the city or you can hike to the fortress through the botanical garden and sulphuric bath steam


Mother Georgia


You can see her in any corner from the tbilisi town and she is well known as the mother of Kartli or mother of a Georgian. This monument is 50 meters high holding in one hand a cup of wine and a sword wearing the traditional dress of georgia.


Rustaveli Avenue

Picture Credits – Inga Hanoyan

If you have been to Freedom Square that’s where this rustaveli avenue starts. this avenue is considered as the main thoroughfare since it has all the famous buildings including shopping malls, food shops and etc.


Holy Trinity Cathedral

well known as the sameba cathedral. one of the best tourist attraction in the town which can accomodate 15,000 people at once.this magnificent architecutal building stands on a hill top of St. Elijah


Solo Travel Diaries reccomend you to stay in Tbilisi Tower Guest House if your traveling on a budget trip and not ready to break your bank which is  5 minutes away from the city


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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Simply called Rio, is the sixth largest city in America with a population of  6.5 million people, this UNESCO heritage landscape is famous for samba and worlds most attractive carnival which runs for 5 days continously in February every year

Rio is well known for Axe music, maracatu and samba reggae music which automatically makes each and every person to shake the booty and feel the rhythm from there souls

when to visit Rio

Rio is very temperate all year,November to February weather typically hot and subtropical and March to May it will be Winter where little showers might fall but as per Solo Travel Diaries best days to visit the beach and many more attraction of the city.


Places to visit in Rio


01. Escadaria Seleron


These beautiful steps situated in the neighborhood of Lapa which got famous through lots of famous magazines, travel videos, Coco Cola advertisement and the ‘Beautiful’ song by Snoop Dogg

from Copacabana you can take a bus ride to Lapa which cost you 3.50 brazil reais (1 $) or taxi ride, but please make sure you are taking a yellow taxi with a meter and no black taxi’s from the area. Lapa is a downtown area where you have to look after your belongings  with a third eye but believe me if you have survived in europe then its not a big deal. use the tourist information counter for more details since its hard to find a english speaker and you might lose your track



02. Arco de Lapa

few meters away from Escadaria seleron you will find this beautiful monument in Lapa well known as Carioca Aqueduct. which 42 roman style arches in the neighborhood of Santa Teresa and Lapa




03. Metropolitan Cathedral


the church is dedicated to Saint Sebastian, the patron saint of  Rio. Cathedral is located right next to Arco de lapa just a 5 minutes walk and you will see this Mayan architecural style pyramid




04. Santa Teresa Bonde

santa teresa bonde is a historical tram line which connects most of the inner neighborhood areas, bonde was out of service for almost 1 year since there was a major accident but it’s back to give free rides for tourist around the world

a small walk from Escadaria Selaron you will find the train station where bonde takes it ride every 60 minutes



05. Sugar Loaf Mountain

from the Santa teresa final bonde station take a 10 minutes walk to the city Gloria which will lead back to the main city. once again take a taxi to the Sugar loaf mountain cable car entrance which cost you around 25 brazil reais (7 $) for the taxi.


entance to the mountain will cost you 68 brazil reais (19 $). from a beautiful cable car and english audio guide departs for the first mountain and and leaves to second mountain every 20 minutes. the height of climb is 770ft (220 meters) and it takes only 3 minutes of time. bubble shaped car offers a 360 degrees panoramic  view to the beach and the harbour.

Dont forget to write your name and take a picture in the SWISS sponsor autograph DIY wall



06. Christ Redeemer

well knows as Christo Redentor in brazil is one of the world’s wonder. In a height of 38 meters tall statue of Jesus Christ spreading love to the whole city of Rio

Take a train ride to the redeemer which departs every 60 minutes from the station and Solo Travel Diaries confirms it’s the best way to see the nature and the beauty of the christ.Old school style red colour train will run through a thick forest climbing high providing a spectaculor view for each passenger



seeing the christ is not that easy than we thought since we got few hard steps to climb up but reaching up their looking to his eyes makes each & every person to fall in love with the creation.



07. Paragliding

If you are seeking for some adventure we bet this is the best thing to do in Rio. from Sao Conrado mountain flight takes off and land in the beautiful beach around, providing a spectaculor view and the experience is heart pumping and tremendous.



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Solo Travel Diaries we reccomend highly qualified trainor & glider Mr.Rodrigo Mangabeira to fullfill our flying dreams

Website –

Instagram – Best_Fly_Rio

FacebookRodrigo Mangabeira


08. Copacabana & Ipanema beach

Best time to visit the beach in a sunny day where you will find all the people in Rio starts surfing playing,volleyball around,drinking caiprinha  dancing for the beats of samba it’s one hell of a experience to be here

if this your first time to rio dont forget to grab some souvenir’s from the evening fair in the streets of copacabana starts everyday 6pm to 12am.


Solo Travel Diaries reccomend you to stay in Aproador Guest House in Copacabana which is walking distance away from the main street and the beach. And for the  perfect guiding from Miss.Sabrina Aguiar


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Brazil, South America

Brazil is the largest country in south america in the latin american region. It is the fifth largest country in the world with a population of 200 million people famous for its own culture of football called Ginga bought to the lights by the Legend Pele in 1958 Fifa world cup

places to visit in Brazil

01. Iguazu Falls, Iguazu

Iguazu falls which is well known as Iguassu or Iguacu is one of the tourist attractions which is located in the borders of Brazil, Argentina this name of the falls originated from Tupi or Guarani language means ‘big water’.

fall is owned and named as the world heritage of UNESCO



Entrance for the falls which will cost 58 brazil reais (16$) which is included a bus ride from the entrance to the falls with a beautiful view from the rain forest

please make sure to carry your rain coats, water proof mobile covers (you can buy them cheap outside the forest) and mosquito repellent


02. Macuco Safari

from the second bus station you can get down and walk towards a new entrance which will lead you to the boat safari where you have to pay 198 brazil reais (55$) for the entrance. Tour starts with a electric car going towards the iguazu river 600 meters with a english speaking guide and then another 600 meters of trekking through the rain forest


boat ride take you through this beautiful falls and touching the borders of Argentina your full safari was recorded by a gopro from the moment you get into the boat and can purchase it after the tour

I should say it’s one hell of a experience



03 Birds park

since its our last day we decided to take a walk in the birds park which is way closer to the forest and walking distance any hotel near by

entrance cost you 70 brazil reais (20 usd)

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all different kind of birds including my favourite Blue from the RIO cartoon can be seen here it was a great pleasure, cages are made for humans if iam telling the truth since we walked inside lots of cages and birds are flying over you free made me to feel like heaven

If this your first time dont forget to grab some handmade souvenirs from the birds park souvenir team



Solo Travel Diaries recommends you to stay in Iguassu Eco Hostel РEco Suites. Its located walking distance away from the Iguazu falls entrance and the Birds park 


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Arabic Sweets

If you have sweet tooth this post is dedicated to you

I personally love sweets even if iam out,after a stressful day, even though i just go for party I make it a point to have something sweet


01. Kunafa

My mouth watering even if I heard this name not a heavy sweet food but the layers, almonds and the taste is heavenly. It’s bit similar to ‘Cheese Danish’ with a sticky soft paneer layer topped ¬†with ¬†semolina pastry and soaked with rose water syrup




02. Mahalabia

A light middle eastern sweet I personally prefer as a dessert after lunch. It’s just like ‘Blancmange’ made of boiled milk and slightly sweetened rose and orange water




03. Halawa (Halva)

Since before I move to Qatar arabic halawa stole my heart just like love in first sight. Taste of this is heavenly made this sweet is famous in all around the globe and well known gift for asian’s ¬†from who ever perform Hajj or Umrah


Sandy Austin flickr ccl


04. Baklava

As per the informations I received from my colleagues this dish is developed in Ottoman Empire (1299 year) age, It’s made with several layers filled with chopped nuts and sweet syrup




05. Fakhfakhina

‘Mother of all fruit salads’ glorius drink included honey with peanuts, mango juice, strawberry juice, banana juice, kiwi juice, pineapple and strawberry pieces and two scoops of vanilla ice cream




06. Sweet Dates

Consuming dates is a sunnah to the ‘Prophet Mohamed’, juicy and very sweet fruit filled with almonds, goat mik, pistachio, or covered with chocolate can found anywhere in the street markets known as Souq


chocolate dates i varites A

Kandy, Sri Lanka

01. Visit Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic


Sri Dalada Maligawa or the Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic is a Buddhist temple,it’s once a proud royal palace in kandy this place is surrounded by a ring of mountain ranges and sri lanka’s biggest river Mahaveli. kandy still ¬†breathes the ancient beauty with each every places and people you meet





2. Bahiravoyokanda Viharaya 

The beautiful 88 feet height tall concrete Buddha statue is a eye catcher as you entered Kandy city almost from anywhere, this was located in a beautiful peaceful surrounding arranged by monks in Sri Lanka
the scenic panoramic view of kandy city is appeared in the top, this would take approximately 20 minutes from the city and visitors can easily take a Tuk Tuk to the destination

3.  Elephant Safari

Take the road to Colombo – Kandy highway 45 minutes and take the turn to Rambukkana – Mawanella road till you reach the Elephant Orphanage
this is one of the greatest tourist attractions that you should never miss out, you can find plenty of safari services here and can customize the safari as per the customers wish, this would be the greatest experience you will ever get for your life as well as feeding baby elephants spending some time with there daily routine made my day

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